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Favourite reads and life in writing!

Book Information: Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Year Published: 2008 Page Count: 360 Genre: Historical Fiction & Mythology Fusion Pacing: Drawling | Slow | Suspenseful Build | Fluctuating | Steady | Fast | Vague Type: Fantasy | Mix | Realism

Aside from the intense fantasy adventure stories I usually read, historical fiction is another personal favourite genre of mine. It’s not always as action-packed but often the internal conflicts exude more energy than anything else. Sandalwood Death is one of those books. This was a friends’ recommendation showcasing a fearless rendition of political corruption in …

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Original and Fan-fiction have always had a clash for many reasons. However as time went on, both mediums are now starting to live together in the entertainment industry. Perhaps not in full harmony but whether each party likes it or not, both mediums now have an interest and use in todays’ market. This week I …

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